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Chair Repair Service

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Chairs are probably the most underrated pieces of furniture in our homes. When we talk about their benefits, there are many. What would you probably do without a chair? Where would you sit and work? Or even eat? But whether we agree or not, most of our chairs, if not new, are facing issues of some sort.

Chair Repair Service

We definitely are ignoring it because the issues do not seem so big. For those who are working, it is very important that your chairs are in the right condition because this is where you spend maximum of your time. A chair in bad condition could give you a bad pain in your back. Whether we like it or not, chairs are not immortal and need repair services too. So what could probably go wrong with your chair? When should you seek help? Here is a list of issues that need immediate professional help!

Weak or worn out Chair Cusion

A Cusion is an essential part of your chair especially when you are spending a lot of your time on it. For working professionals, it is very important to have your cusions in the right condition else there is a chance that you may have certain body aches. A lot of these chairs are equipped with good looking and attractive cusions but don’t last much. Hence, it becomes very important to take care of weak cusions or those cusions that are on the verge of destruction.

Breaking of one of the legs

Chairs are not always those plastic chairs that we do not really care about much. When one of the legs of an expensive chair breaks or is on the verge of breaking, that is when you need to really pay attention. You can’t let go of a chair only because one of its legs broke. You could rather get it repaired and use it for some more years. We assure you that onec you contact us, our team will take a look at the condition of your chair and then chalk out an appropriate plan to fix it.

Cracked or worn out castors

Office chairs with castors look great and feel great too with the revolving effect that they give. But did you know that these castors are meant to be put on carpets only for long term usage? If you ask the manufacturers of these chairs, they will suggest you use chair mats so that your floor does not get damaged due to these castors. If you do not use a carpet for your castors, your floor will definitely see some issues in the form of dents and marks. Now, it is not just your floor that will see the damage. Over a period of time, your castors too will deteriorate in terms of quality. These castors will crack or break down completely. There will be absolutely no comfort left in these chairs then. At this point then, what is your best choice? Get them repaired as soon as you see the starting signs of wearing out. Call us and we will be right there to help your chairs last longer.

Faulty Recliners

Recliners are amazing and full of comfort, undoubtedly. Some of the offices now use recliners which gives the employees a chance to push back and take a break in between the working hours. But sometimes, these recliners too can show some problems. They may not be as smooth in functioning as they used to be or can even make strange noises. At this point, it is best recommended to get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid any kind of further problems.

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Chair Repair Service

We have a team of skilled and experienced carpenters who understand every little fact about furnitures. Their expertise combined with skills and experience will make sure that your chairs or any other furniture for that matter is treated well. This will give you increased life of chairs and comfort too.